My work is not about literal observations but experiences as I have remembered them. I paint the range and flux of human experience as I recall it because I want an intense and personal relationship with my work. Through memories, I can express human experience via my own perceptions - absorbed, filtered and rearranged. This process can take days or years, but with time each painting gains meaning and shape, with every mark representing a metaphor for a lived experience.


Evoking human presence is important to me. Brightly coloured dots, swirling patterns, thick stripes, pencil scribbles and cracked paint all combine to tell a story of an encounter with an individual or group, while dribbles, droplets and scratches are not accidental but add to a narrative about people and their relationship with the world around them. My paintings are unashamedly colourful and textural with the intention of drawing the viewer closer, inviting them to be inquisitive and engage in a personal conversation with the subjects of my work.


I live in Suffolk and my everyday experiences with the people of East Anglia are a constant inspiration.